Philosophy of Education Conference 2015 comes to a close

Over 200 people, including philosophers, educationists, students of education or philosophy and practitioners of education participated in the Conference organized by Azim Premji University, in Hotel Atria from the 19th to 21st January. This year’s Conference addressed three themes – Notions of Public and Private in education, Ethics and Education and Human Nature and Education. As part of each theme keynote address and invited speakers from India and abroad addressed critical contemporary issues. The discussions engaged both with trends in philosophy of education as an academic discipline and philosophizing as a practice, to respond to issues rising out of educational practice.

The presentations addressed questions like whether the purpose of education is pursuit of wisdom or about developing a productive workforce? Do we need to rethink what knowledge means given how education is becoming critical for the survival of the human species? What can be assumed about human nature and what kind of human being should education aim for?

These days education is considered a tool to create a productive workforce. Are we doing injustice to the wide range of learning that human beings are capable of? If all human beings are capable of learning, this limited objective of education raises many ethical problems. Such a limited aim of education does violence to the idea of a democratic society.

Are market forces really better providers of education and should a free market of education be encouraged? Can education be considered similar to any other economic service or a commodity?

Responses to these and many other questions were considered, discussed and debated through the 3 days.

Video recordings of the Conference and Public talks will be uploaded soon!

“Philosophy of Education: What and Why?” - Short film

“What use Philosophy?” This question was posed to a few philosophers from across the world. This film is an edited compilation of their responses.

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